Cahiers Du Ci (2016)

Writer & Director: Mehdi Gharehjehdaghi
Assistant Director: Hossein TavazoniZadeh
Cast: Pouya Shahrabi, Niloofar Shayani
Cinematography: Navid Valadkhani
Film Editor & Production Sound Mixer: Siavash Beigi
Costume Designer: Morva AsHabi
Production Designers: Mehdi Gharehjehdaghi & Hossein TavazoniZadeh
Assistants & Production Team: Sina Homay, Tina Younestabar, Matin Farsi & Sajjad Mohammadi
Stills Photography: Ehsan Barzegar
English Translation & Subtitles: Siavash Beigi
With Thanks To: Mahdieh Shadmehr, Meysam HajiAlian, Mohammad Mohaghegh Montazeri, Mina Zaman, Amir Masoud Vaez Tehrani, Hossein Sepehr Nezhad & Siavash Heydari

Brief Story
A film buff loves cinema and wants to make a film. He watches a lot of movies and then decide to make one. Strictly on budget he was, he do what he can and try to explore different eras of cinema in his short movie, like 1920s, Soviet montage theory, Bunuel style, Parajanov style and more.